Potato flakes (Kartoffelflocke) Grain-free meal supplement

Potato flakes (Kartoffelflocke) 800g (1 Piece)
Potato flakes (Kartoffelflocke) 800g (1 Piece)
Potato flakes (Kartoffelflocke) 800g (1 Piece)
Potato flakes (Kartoffelflocke) 800g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 800g
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Every pet has different needs in terms of protein and carbohydrates and these can be calculated on the basis of their size, body weight, physical activity and breed.

With Anifit Potato Flakes, you can achieve the right balance to meet the nutritional needs of your beloved pet and provide them with all the nutrients and fibre it requires.

Like with popcorn, the potatoes are prepared using a kind of pressure cooker process for a few short seconds to release the starch meaning that the potatoes can be easily digested by dogs.

The Potato Flakes are gluten-free and are therefore particularly suitable as a “low-impact” food supplement for sensitive pets.

Free from preservatives, flavourings and colourings

Note: Changes in diet

The digestive systems of animals which have been fed using dried food over a longer period of time and those fed products containing very little meat, need a little time to adjust to the normal (relatively high) proportion of meat in Anifit products.  The Anifit Potato Flakes are well-suited for reducing the high protein content of the Anifit feed during the first weeks of a change in diet.


Combine the Potato Flakes with Anifit fresh meat products. For optimal digestion pour hot water over the flakes and leave to stand for 3-5 minutes before serving.



100 % potato

Ingredient profile

7.9 % moisture, 7.3 % raw protein, < 1.0 % raw oils and fats, 1.8 % raw fibre, 2.9 % crude ash

Feeding recommendation

Serve according to the needs and the weight of the pet. As a guideline, Anifit recommends the addition of a handful of flakes to every meal.

1 tablespoon equals about 9 g


Feed material for dogs
800g pouch

What our clients say

Felix liebt Anifit RyDog Ziege&Pferd – Ein Superfood für uns Die Kopfhaut ist bei jeder Bestellung dabei! Der hungrige Wolf wird satt. Einstein ist happy mit Anifit Kartoffelflocken helfen bei Blasenproblemen
Kartoffelflocken bekömmlich und einfach zu verarbeiten Das Fell glänzt und der Mundgeruch ist weg Dank Basenpulver können Lilly und Nanouk ohne Probleme fressen Dascha ist überglücklich und liebt ANIfit Erfahrungsbericht von Charly, Mila und Matilda Quietsch Fidel mit Anifit!