Beef Fat (Rinderfett) For extra energy at mealtimes

Beef Fat (Rinderfett) 100g (1 Package)
Beef Fat (Rinderfett) 100g (1 Package)
Beef Fat (Rinderfett) 100g (1 Package)
Beef Fat (Rinderfett) 100g (1 Package)
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1 Package, 100g
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You can add an extra boost of energy into your dog or cat food with these small, handy cubes of beef fat.

Fat provides a lot of energy and is therefore a suitable feeding method for your pet in intense situations such as physical exhaustion, pregnancy or convalescence.

Malnourished pets can also be brought back to normal weight more quickly with an additional fat content. If necessary, a small fat cube can also be used as an appetizer.

Beef fat is free of any additives (100% natural) and not mixed with sugar or any other ingredients. It can be rapidly processed by the body and quickly meets your pet`s the energy needs. 



100 % freeze-dried beef tallow

Ingredient profile

6.6 % raw protein, 89.8 % raw oils and fats, <0.5 % raw fibre, <0.5 % crude ash, <0.5% moisture

Feeding recommendation

Feed as needed.


Feed material for dogs and cats
Sealed with preservative gas
100 g pouch

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