Gina is tick-free!

Dear Ani Fit Team,

I'm Gina, an 11-month-old Chihuahua lady and I live with my owner in beautiful Lower Franconia. We spend a lot of time out and about on country lanes and in the woods, where I like to pick up ticks. My mistress rejects chemicals when it comes to tick protection as she says they are a neurotoxin. But of course I still don't want to get sick from a tick bite, so I had to find something else. My mum used to rub coconut oil on me, but it always makes me look so sticky and greasy, which I don't like at all! The spray is much better, it makes me smell funny, but the main thing is no sticky coconut oil. We haven't had a tick with the spray yet, only when she forgot it 🙈 My mum always sprays me once on my back and once on my tummy and then rubs it all in. She has also used it on herself, as she doesn't want a tick either. We have been very satisfied so far.

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