Pro Dentax Enzyme-Power against plaque and tartar

Pro Dentax 60g (1 Piece)
Pro Dentax 60g (1 Piece)
Pro Dentax 60g (1 Piece)
Pro Dentax 60g (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 60g
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Dentax is a natural product which provides an increased quantity of enzymes, along with the usual food, which supports the breakdown of tartar and plaque and prevents it from recurring.

The crucial measure to avoid tartar is species-specific, natural nutrition which allows the body to find its natural balance. The composition of saliva has a significant influence on the occurrence of tartar.

Aside from this, hereditary predisposition and irregular positioning of the teeth may be the cause of tartar.

Feeding recommendation (Daily value)

weighing up to 15kg: approx. 1 measuring spoon

weighing over 15kg: approx. 2-3 measuring spoons

mixed into pet food.

1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 0.8g

A noticeable change is generally observed following a period of 3-5 weeks. It is harmless to continue mixing the product into food.


Sea algae mix

Ingredient profile

Pure protein: 7 %, raw oils and fats: 1 %, raw fibre: 3 %, crude ash: 24 %

Product information

Feed materials for dogs and cats


Store in a cool and dry location

What our clients say

Dentax:Ich habe es selbst ausprobiert, Empfehlung pur! Tolles Produkt dieses Dentax Klasse Zähne Dank PRODENTAX Felix liebt Anifit Glänzendes weiches Fell und kein Bauch blubbern mehr Mundgeruch hat keine Chance