Candy is back in top form!





Dear Anifit team,

During the walk, I told them about my dog's complaints, that he was somehow not in such a good mood, didn't like to eat, often had diarrhoea and his faeces sometimes looked like they were covered in skin.

That's when I found Mrs Nick's open ears. She recommended ANIfit to me. I hadn't seen it in any shop before, I thought. Mrs Nick's dog has been on it for a long time and is doing great. She gave me a card with a telephone number and told me to call them, they would give me very good advice.

I didn't hesitate for long and called immediately, I had nothing to lose so I tried my luck, because I wanted my little darling to get better.

The consultant on the phone explained to me exactly how to change my dog's diet and what I should bear in mind, and two days later the things arrived and I slowly started to switch my little one to healthy food and build up her intestines with a powder like this. She had recently had to be given antibiotics more often because she had an inflammation in her mouth. Well, how was I to know when my breeder had recommended puppy food as a dry food that my darling would get such problems?

My little Candy is now very much alive again, she is playing and running around like a whirlwind and I am also so happy because my pet is doing so much better after such a short time.

Apart from the faeces, which are normal again for the first time and also look normal. We are both so enthusiastic about the delicious tinned food. I've since reordered and now only the tasty tinned meat from Anifit goes into Candy's bowl.

I would like to thank my friend Mrs Nick for this great recommendation.

Sabine Kern and her dog Candy

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