Elly has finally reached her ideal weight!

Dear Anifit Team,

My little Yorkshire Terrier Elly has been on Anifit food for a few weeks now and, as with most of her breed, she has always been a little overweight. In addition, she has a heart defect that we have had to treat with medication for years. That's why it was incredibly important to me to get Elly's weight problem under control. Since she has been eating the Anifit food, she has lost a lot of weight and is now at her ideal weight. In just a few weeks!

I have also noticed that she is much more agile and her coat has become much nicer, even though she was already being fed very high-quality food before Anifit. We are very happy to be able to improve her health with such simple means and would like to recommend it to everyone! Nutrition is simply the cornerstone of good health and a long life :-)
Best wishes from Elly too!

April 2018

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